[hair trembles with emotion]

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#if this isn’t the most perfect summary of their relationship then idk what is #not just for obvious reasons but like #look how immune jim is to that glare #it could literally strip paint off walls and jim’s just 100% unfazed 200% endeared and also kind of turned on #”aw bones you care” #”no” #”you like me” #”i can’t stand you” #but in all seriousness i feel like bones is trying so hard to figure out if jim is bluffing here #if it’s maru the third and jim’s got this in the bag or if it’s maru the second and there’s a manic kind of thrum underlying the bravado #3+ years later bones can’t always tell the difference because jim has these moments where he goes sort of opaque and is impossible to read #and sure bones trusts jim with his life but that’s not the one he worries about #HE DROVE A CAR OFF A CLIFF THAT IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR FOR A CHILD #jim kirk and the busted self preservation meter anyone w/ eyes can see from a mile away (spoiler: it’s nonrefundable) #kirk x mccoy 

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